What Workout is for ME?

Beachbody workouts range from High Intensity Cardio workout programs, to yoga workout programs.  It is important to find what is right for you.

  • Do you like 30 minutes or less workouts?
  • Do you like a male/female trainer?
  • Do you want cardio only or do you want some weight included?
  • Do you want a nutrition plan included too?
  • Do you like dance/choreography?
  • Do you have any injuries or need modifications?

There are so many questions that go into picking the right program.  That is what I am here for!  If you want to dive into a program and workout in the comfort of your own home, please shoot me an email at LynnG258@gmail.com.  I was lost when I was first picking a program and thankfully my beachbody coach helped guide me in the right direction!

Plus if you don't want to choose 1 right away and want to see previews of a few, Beachbody has ON DEMAND.  This means you can stream different workouts from any mobile device for 30 days for FREE!!! Again email me to try it out!!

We all know it is hard enough eating well and sticking to your plan while at home, but sticking to it while traveling is even worse! Between long weekends, traveling for work, being away over holidays, even being at home but having to set up for a party/get together can mean lots of time away from your meal planning and workout time.  So the biggest way to not gain 5lbs when on vacation, traveling, holidays is PLANNING AHEAD! If I am going away before I even book a room snacks that travel well and easily such as nuts, apples, granola or oatmeal and a refillable water bottle. Even going to friends and family members houses, bring snacks or make a clean eating menu item that you know you can have! I also have a travel blender so I can have my Shakeology in the room every morning. There is a reason why the continental breakfast is free…its more about convenience then about health so think ahead. 

somewhere I like to check out their workout facility. Do they have a gym, or pool you can do little workouts in?  If I am going to be at a family members house or even at home but just don't have a great deal of time to work out, I find alternatives which are seen throughout this page! Getting that heart rate up, your blood flowing, and sweating a little bit will put you in a better mood and encourage you to stay on track with your healthy eating!
Also, pack snacks! 
We all know that the mini fridge in your room not only will make you broke, but it will make you fat. Bring small 

Lastly, when you are going out to eat, Google the restaurant beforehand…see what kind of options they have for you. Don’t be afraid to ask the waiter to customize your meal, and if you really think there will be no way to make good choices suggest a different restaurant!

Hopefully these tips will help prepare you to stay healthy when on the go and keep to your workouts!!

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  1. A simple workout at home can build you a strong body, thanks for providing info about how to work out at home