Why Beachbody? Why do I Coach?

Why Join Beachbody?

-FREE support from others wanting to get fit
-Be held accountable to ACHIEVE your heath and fitness goals
-LOSE weight in the comfort of your own home
-Learn to eat HEALTHIER and feel ENERGIZED 
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Beachbody, workouts, Coach, Beachbody CoachI will help you choose the fitness program that is right for you, assist you in making a meal plan that will increase your energy and promote weight loss, as well as encourage you and keep you motivated throughout your journey to  get fit and stay healthy for life!
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Why Do I Coach?
Beachbody, workouts, Coach, Beachbody Coach
In my day to day life I am a soccer coach!  I absolutely love my job, I love coaching players of all ages, and I love making an impact on their lives.  Seeing them develop them as players and as people is an amazing thing to be a part of.  

Beachbody, workouts, Coach, Beachbody CoachOriginally I became a Beachbody coach for the sole purpose of getting a discount on Shakeology.  Oh and of course the 25% discount on all Beachbody Products!  Then I thought, what if I started to run challenge groups, like the first one I was in which introduced me to Beachbody, Insanity, Shakeology, and supporting others.  And so it began!!  

I have come to find Beachbody coaching is so so rewarding.  At the beginning I was not sure if I was going to be any good at it.  Motivating young kids and motivating adults has very different aspects to it. But once I got into it, I fell in love with changing people lives for the better! 

Beachbody, workouts, Coach, Beachbody Coach, recipe to be fit
Having people come to me for advice on anything from clean eating, to what workout program they should do, for different Shakeology recipes, to how to deal with eating out, to how to stay motivated....it really is so exciting!  I love hearing success stories of how people feel great, have more energy and are enjoying a fit healthy life!  

Beachbody, workouts, Coach, Beachbody CoachAt the same time that I am educating adults on living a healthy lifestyle, I hope to have them realize they can instil this upon others as well, including their own children or future children.  I am tired of seeing soccer coaches rewarding kids with sugary fruit snacks, candy, or popsicles after a training session!
 Beachbody, workouts, Coach, Beachbody Coach, healthy lifestyle

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