Monday, December 18, 2017

The Burn hurts but the Burn works

It’s that time of year that internal motivation isn’t always quite there.

Today, I was 100% ready to go…probably because I could finally can get through a workout without having to blow my nose! 

But…with holiday parties, gifts to buy, gifts to wrap, food platters to make, houses to clean, extra stress at work…our internal motivation to stay on track sometimes fades away.😑
We get off of our routine of working out, eating healthy, and drinking a daily nutritional shake.

🤔So how do we battle that?
Accountability groups.  That is what SAVES ME EVERY HOLIDAY.🙌
I run a support group with 3 other coaches and over 20 challengers who are on their health and fitness journeys.
➡️We check in with each other, stay on the right path, talk about our weaknesses, holiday tips, etc.

➡️➡️Want in on the group for 2018 to stay motivated?  NEW challengers only and you MUST be signed up by Dec 22nd!!  

The more the merrier!! 

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