Friday, December 29, 2017

Meal Plan to close out 2017

So sometimes we are a bit boring with our meal plan but it totally works for us!
We usually eat the same foods for breakfast, morning snack, and lunch and then re rotate our dinner.
Then the following week, we will change it up with new meals!

We follow the 21 day fix vegan guidelines with how many:
Red containers (protein)
Yellow containers (carbs)
Green containers (veggies)
Purple containers (fruit)
Blue containers (healthy fats)
Orange containers (dressings/seeds)
and tsp to have!

Ring in the New Year feeling DAMN GOOD and get rid of that bloat is our goal.  Because let's be real...SO much bread-cookies-pie-WINE...etc was inhaled over the holidays!

As always, any questions on the meal plan feel free to email me at

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