Monday, December 18, 2017

2018 Bring it on!

Will you take time to focus on YOU in 2018?
It may not be easy, but it's worth it.
Amanda and I have been the figure in this picture.  And the worst part is not the exterior, but how crappy you feel on the inside.  Foggy brained—Bloated—Less confident—Fatigue.
It is our goal again to not end up like this picture!

The early workouts
The late workouts
The motivation when you don't want to
The healthy choices
The choice of healthier cocktails
The choice to sleep more
Stairs instead of elevator
Walk instead of drive

Every thing we do plays a small role into living a healthy lifestyle. It's not easy. It's something Amanda and I have to consciously be aware of every single day. Yes, we have a piece of pizza here and there, a cocktail, a slice of cake…but it is a matter of being as consistent as we can to make progress and see results!!

With the combination of following on demand workout programs
Drinking a daily nutrient dense shake
Portion control food containers
and Daily accountability….we stay on track! 

Join us in a New Years accountability group!! January 15th. Message for info.

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