Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Shift Shop Results!

Seriously I feel like a Ninja right now with all of my energy, mental clarity, and determination. 

*BETTER habits have formed!! 
*I FEEL less bloated 
*My energy is through the roof
*I am a lot happier

I am now taking on round 2 and continuing this momentum I have gained. 

-Program is so much fun
-Takes me back to my college soccer playing days
-The modifier is a great option
-The trainer just INSPIRES the HECK out of you!!

I loved being in an accountability group with other challengers going through the 1st round of this program. We kept each other motivated and are getting some MAD CRAZY RESULTS with this 3 week rapid results program! (More result pictures in comments)


Interested in the next round?? Send me a message NOW!