Sunday, June 4, 2017

Meal Plan for 1st week of June

We are ready to rock the 1st week of June!  With several social life events over the past few weekends, temptations have been everywhere!  We have had cheat meals here and there but this week we will surely be on track.  

We will be following the 21 day fix vegan meal plan option with:
5 Green containers (veggies)
3 Red containers (protein)
3 Yellow A containers (carbs)
1 Yellow B container (carbs)
1 Purple container (fruit)
1 Blue container (healthy fat)
1 Orange container (seeds/dressing)
2 tsp (oils)

For the actual meal plan, I have added that below along with the grocery list for 2 people.  We will be sure to hold each other accountable this week, even with the healthy treats we always keep in the fridge.  Even though there are healthy, we should not be eating several each right before bed!

For the meal plan we have been loving a lot of raw vegetables lately so it is mostly tons of washing veggies and chopping.  Watch the video to see what that meal prep fridge looks like afterwards. Have a great start to June and get ready for summer!!

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