Thursday, December 1, 2016

3 day refresh results- Post Thanksgiving 2016

Lots of pie
Lots of stuffing
Lots of mashed potatoes

No regrets!

Thanksgiving was magical.  Mom's Pie game was ON POINT!!  I mean she kept doubting her self that "the creme on the banana creme pie always goes down" or "the crust falls apart on the pumpkin pie" (which my mom's crust is THE BEST!) but I kept saying, think positive and positive things will happen.

CLEARLY THAT HAPPENED!  DAMN the pies were good.

But anyways...back to the point.  I ate a lot and I enjoyed it but recognized I needed the 3 day refresh to set myself back on track. It is 3 days of shakeology, fruits, veggies, vanilla shakes which leads to some awesome results.  Not just the weight loss but now I don't crave the sweets like I was.  I don't want to shovel bread into my mouth or other carbs like I was.  My mind is clear, the bloating is gone, my nutrition is back on track, and yeah the weight loss happens.

So...3 days and I am down 5.2 pounds!!  Yeahhhh it is so nice to be back in the game!  But don't worry mom...I am ready for some more pie next year!! :)

Interested in the 3 day refresh?  It is on sale till Dec 5th so grab it HERE

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