Thursday, November 10, 2016

Week 3 of Beachbody's Ultimate Reset

How the hell was week 3?!! 

I will tell you that it was another yummy week of food!  TONS of fruits and vegetables and honestly I looked forward to my morning dose of fruit.  Some mornings I even sprinkled a little cinnamon on top to kick things up a notch but it really wasn't necessary.

Some of the meals required a bit more prep work and some were super easy to throw together. There was always the reset in a crunch page that we could rely upon if we had a lot going on.  Knowing that option was available for sure eased our minds.

Things I did not expect to like...fennel. When it said it had a licorice scent to it while cooking, I was skeptical.  But Amanda and I both really enjoyed it and it allowed us to open our world to a new food.  Another food I was not sure of was an avocado and cucumber cold soup.  I definitely added a bit more spices to it to kick it up a notch and add a bit of pop to it, but overall was not bad. The sweet potato and roasted red pepper bisque in week 2 is still my favorite though!!  A favorite that we would make any day of the week is the garlic veggies.  Super fast to whip together and adding the aminos at the end (a healthy soy sauce) gave it some great flavor!!

So let's talk about some things I realized in week 3...
~I wear a night guard (hahaha I know) and I realized that by giving up my terrible habit of chewing gum, I was not grinding as much....WINNING!!
~Amanda and I spent a lot more time together, talked more, and grew even closer together.  Definitely something that I was happy to see as our lives get beyond busy at times and there are times we don't talk that much because of it.  With both of us having a ton of energy, I felt like we were energizer bunnies that would not shut up!
~The energy.  Wow.  We had tons of it.  I did start to miss sweating, even though week 3 of yoga in the program 3 week yoga retreat is no joke, I love a hard workout.  Thankfully I was able to bust out a sweat after the program was over :)

The results.....DRUM ROLL PLEASE!
I was truly amazed from the inside out and was almost in tears when I realized the transformation I had.

*I lost 11 pounds in 21 days
*I lost 15 inches total around my body.  (yeah, my jeans feel pretty damn good! And my shorts for vacation next week will be just perfect!)  Amanda saying "OMG where did your ass go?" just makes me laugh!
*The biggest inches lost were 3.5 off my hips 
*Also included in that total was 3 inches off the biggest part of each of my thighs.
*Lastly, 2 inches around my belly.

Honestly I could not feel any better about this transformation.  This program truly set me on a path that I am super excited for.  Amanda and I are slowly transitioning into a healthy eating style still but increasing the calories to match our workout program now.  It will be really interesting to start introducing foods back into our meal plan and see how our bodies react!  I am sure there is more to come :)  If you are ever interested in trying this program, you can always email me at or find me on Facebook at Lynn Gugliuzza.

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