Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Week 1 Ultimate Reset Recap

First and foremost...I LOVE THE FOOD!!  And honestly this surprises me because my fiance wanted to do the vegan version for all 3 weeks.  yeah...3 weeks of going cold turkey (no pun intended) to be a vegan.

Secondly...HOW I FEEL!!
Heading into week 2:
I am down 9 inches
I am down 4 pounds
Almost 2 inches off each leg!
1 1/2 inches off my hips!
I feel happier
I feel more energetic
My road rage has gone down significantly
I am not relying upon caffeine
I am not bloated

Foods I HATED before, I actually liked this time...

For instance:
Tempeh-  thought it was nasty before but I love the texture and love the taste.  It is all about that

Vegan strawberry shakeology- I disliked the taste, the texture...I just wanted my regular shakeology back!  But within 2 days I was enjoying this and embracing it!

Miso Soup- Still not my favorite but I can absolutely enjoy a serving of it.

Zucchini- Cashew Soup- It's all about those spices!  I add some spices to this one and BOOM it is just delicious!

About how I feel..there is a lot of food so after a meal, you feel full.  Unlike what the stereotypical cleanse is like, this one is so damn filling. It legit takes like a half hour to eat each meal because there is a lot of chewing. I have been trying to follow the beachbody tips to chug water before, but not during your meal.  They want you to fully embrace the food, taste it, chew it a lot so that you do not need the water.  I am loving this :)

Breakfast BY FAR has been my favorite!  Farina (aka like cream of wheat) with maple syrup, walnuts and green apple pieces is something I will absolutely make on a more regular basis once this is done.  Hell, I will even have it for lunch or dinner!  Two other breakfast options that were yummy and filling were Coconut Quinoa, and Oatmeal Tropical.  I felt like I was living on a beach!

So let's talk about the hardest part of it all for me personally.  It has not been cravings, not feeling like I am missing out on a social life, not any temptations, not feeling starving, not missing caffeine (well besides my preworkout energize but that is simply the fact I LOVE the taste!) , not missing alcohol...It has simply been traveling for 4 days and having to pack food/eat out and have people surrounding me understand I was serious about this cleanse.  It was not easy to explain to people but surprisingly people were supportive, including the servers at restaurants who were so accommodating to my needs.  I am always scared to customize a meal but they were super nice about it!

Lastly, the yoga.  The yoga that I hate.  Well, it has helped my body heal and honestly I feel great and relaxed.  Some mornings are hard because I feel like it makes me want to go back to sleep.  Day 3 and 4, my hips were sore and were hurting me but that did not last long.  Plenty of water and sticking to the meal plan and yoga got me through. Unlike before the cleanse, my body is not always in pain, it is not cracking, and instead I go to bed and get a sound night of sleep!  Everyone's body is different but it is important to just listen to yours.

1 thing to definitely improve upon is meal prepping in stages...Sunday, Wednesday, Friday...that way food does not go to waste!  BRING IT ON WEEK 2!!!

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