Monday, October 17, 2016

Day 1- Ultimate Reset

So many things that I have realized today...
1. I chew gum A LOT after meals to get a minty taste and when doing work to deal with stress.  Without it, I focus more on drinking water.  I will also be brushing my teeth more because of this!
Coconut Quinoa for bfast...paradise!

2. SO many posts on Instagram are about food...definitely will not be scrolling a lot in the next 21 days!

3. There are a lot of radio commercials for food.  Because I do not have cable, thankfully I do not have that temptation, but seriously talking about it on the radio...come on!

4. Staff members at my soccer job may not be in support but I am still going to KICK ASS anyways!

So how do I feel?
Honestly I felt great today and I am not just sugar coating it.  I was ok without my morning coffee, I enjoyed the yoga (even though I prefer sweating my ass off with a hard workout), the food was delicious, and drinking that much water was not bad at all.  (Oh and it has to be distilled clearly we had to stock up!)

I was much more aware of when I was eating to chew my food, enjoy it, and taste all of it. The book says to drink water before and after the meal, not during it, so I did just that. I will say I did miss my little pre workout energize drink from beachbody performance line but I will just have to live without it.  Like I said before, I missed chewing gum but I know this is a habit that needs to get better.
This meal took me forever to finish!

The meals...
LOTS OF FOOD!!  Seriously I know it is called a cleanse but DAMN it is a lot to chew.  I am following the vegan track for all 3 weeks, more so because Amanda wanted to and it is easier to meal prep for both of us, but surprisingly the food was yummy today!  Breakfast was a coconut quinoa (YES I WILL MAKE THIS EVEN AFTER THE CLEANSE IS OVER IT IS SO GOOD!)  Then it was a microgreen salad with creamy garlic dressing and toasted pumpkin seeds plus miso soup. Snack was a strawberry vegan shakeology.  And for dinner was asparagus, baby potatoes, and tempeh.  Tempeh...oh is an acquired taste that is all about the marinade.

Measurements/Tracking Progress
I took all of my measurements and weight today so that I can track my progress and see how my body changes over the course of the next 21 days.  It is about the changes physically and mentally that will make it all worth it!

Looking forward to what day 2 and the rest of week 1 brings!!

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