Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Marathon is less than 2 months away!!

Took a little trip to San Francisco last week to work remotely and get out of Boston.  It was pretty incredible and very easy to stay on track with eating healthy and training for the marathon.  SO SO many healthy options!  

First was the long run that I had to do while I was there...
"Battery low". Not what you want to hear only a couple miles into your 17 mile run.
Honestly any other day I would care but not today. I got to run over the golden state bridge...SO. AWESOME!! It was super windy but I just looked at it as a little resistance training. You could totally tell it was my 1st time ever running it as my face was smiling ear to ear thinking HOW FUN IS THIS?!! And every other runners face was I HATE THIS WIND!
Haha another long run in the books that was super fun!

And the day after the long run when Amanda's work conference was over and we did some more sight seeing (aka supposed to be my day off of training!), this is what I got from her haha...
"This is for your own good"- Amanda
This is what she told me when I was hesitant on going on over a 2 hour hike after the previous day of running 17 miles and then having to jump on the red eye flight.
Clearly lost this battle of tough love! Apparently my rest day in marathon training turned into a hiking day at Muir Woods. As sore as I was, it was so incredibly worth it. smile emoticon.
Thanks for keeping me on track for conquering heartbreak hill.

Donate today to  ALL DONATIONS WELCOME for American Red Cross!!

 smile emoticon

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