Wednesday, December 28, 2016

All Access Beachbody on Demand

MIND BLOW! for real!! I wish I had this available when I 1st decided to get healthy. 
1 year access to EVERY SINGLE program ever! (Over $6,000 worth of programs!)

any new 2017 programs released
1 bag shakeology
21 day fix containers and guide 
ME as your coach

Price? $199.

Words can not explain how awesome this is!! The value in this package just makes me giddy! 2017 is the year for YOUR HEALTH and I want to be the one to encourage you every step of the way!
Nutrition, workout programs, support...there are literally no excuses! 

There are a few options!  If you read through this and are not sure which one is best for you respond to this message and I will help you decide.
1.  The best bang for your buck is to cancel your current Shakeology Home Direct if you have one by calling customer service at 1800-470-7870 and then re ordering the challenge pack.  
You just choose the All Access Beachbody On Demand Challenge Pack.  You pay 1x for the membership $199 and no monthly fee.
2.  If you do not want to cancel your current Shakeology HD and you just want the stand alone 12 months of Beachbody On Demand then you can choose the $99 option and that is HERE

Seriously, gym memberships are even more than this and not nearly as valuable! 

If you are a CURRENT Beachbody On Demand member only and you don't want to do anything more than just subscribe to the membership you can upgrade to the annual All - Access membership at today!  
I am beyond excited to have you as a part of this new feature and I plan to send out some videos on how to get the most from your membership, answer questions and guide you in the right direction.
Also, as your coach please don't hesitate to ask any questions that you have!
Lastly, when you purchase your challenge pack email me at to let me know so that I can make sure it goes through ok and add you to the next challenge group!

Thursday, December 1, 2016

3 day refresh results- Post Thanksgiving 2016

Lots of pie
Lots of stuffing
Lots of mashed potatoes

No regrets!

Thanksgiving was magical.  Mom's Pie game was ON POINT!!  I mean she kept doubting her self that "the creme on the banana creme pie always goes down" or "the crust falls apart on the pumpkin pie" (which my mom's crust is THE BEST!) but I kept saying, think positive and positive things will happen.

CLEARLY THAT HAPPENED!  DAMN the pies were good.

But anyways...back to the point.  I ate a lot and I enjoyed it but recognized I needed the 3 day refresh to set myself back on track. It is 3 days of shakeology, fruits, veggies, vanilla shakes which leads to some awesome results.  Not just the weight loss but now I don't crave the sweets like I was.  I don't want to shovel bread into my mouth or other carbs like I was.  My mind is clear, the bloating is gone, my nutrition is back on track, and yeah the weight loss happens.

So...3 days and I am down 5.2 pounds!!  Yeahhhh it is so nice to be back in the game!  But don't worry mom...I am ready for some more pie next year!! :)

Interested in the 3 day refresh?  It is on sale till Dec 5th so grab it HERE

OR email me with questions
OR always find me on Facebook Lynn Gugliuzza

Carrot Cake Bites (made with Shakeology)

1 1/2 scoops vanilla shakeology (or chocolate if you want!)
1/2 cup rolled oats (not instant!)
1/2 cup almond butter
4 medjool dates
1/3 cup raw walnut pieces
3/4 cup shredded carrots
dash of vanilla extract
about 2 tablespoons honey
1 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp cloves
1/4 tsp ginger

1. Combine Shakeology, oats, almond butter, and dates in food processor until it is all incorporated.
2. Add walnuts, carrots, cinnamon, vanilla, cloves and ginger.  Pulse till blended.
3. Add honey a little at a time until it starts to come together. (you can add raisins if you want!)
4. Roll into 15 balls, about 1 inch in diameter each.

21 day fixers: 1 yellow container


Wednesday, November 30, 2016

3 Day Refresh Results- July 2016

Here are my results from the last 3 day refresh in July...

I was heading into the weekend feeling rejuvenated after doing this.  It wasn't about how many pounds or inches I would lose, it was about getting on track by feeling less bloated.  3 day refresh included eating REAL FOOD and having my normal shakeology along with some vanilla shakes that come with it.

It is not a starvation diet for 3 days.  You feel full and satisfied and it worth it.

Now, I am sleeping better, feel healthier, cravings have been reduced, and that bloated feeling is definitely gone.  

Thank you 3 day refresh for calling me to feel like me again! :)  And yes, 5.5 pounds were lost.  I did not take my measurements but I am sure that I lost some!

Can not get enough of these amazing products and workouts that beachbody produces!  Interested in the refresh?  email me at OR click on this LINK

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Week 3 of Beachbody's Ultimate Reset

How the hell was week 3?!! 

I will tell you that it was another yummy week of food!  TONS of fruits and vegetables and honestly I looked forward to my morning dose of fruit.  Some mornings I even sprinkled a little cinnamon on top to kick things up a notch but it really wasn't necessary.

Some of the meals required a bit more prep work and some were super easy to throw together. There was always the reset in a crunch page that we could rely upon if we had a lot going on.  Knowing that option was available for sure eased our minds.

Things I did not expect to like...fennel. When it said it had a licorice scent to it while cooking, I was skeptical.  But Amanda and I both really enjoyed it and it allowed us to open our world to a new food.  Another food I was not sure of was an avocado and cucumber cold soup.  I definitely added a bit more spices to it to kick it up a notch and add a bit of pop to it, but overall was not bad. The sweet potato and roasted red pepper bisque in week 2 is still my favorite though!!  A favorite that we would make any day of the week is the garlic veggies.  Super fast to whip together and adding the aminos at the end (a healthy soy sauce) gave it some great flavor!!

So let's talk about some things I realized in week 3...
~I wear a night guard (hahaha I know) and I realized that by giving up my terrible habit of chewing gum, I was not grinding as much....WINNING!!
~Amanda and I spent a lot more time together, talked more, and grew even closer together.  Definitely something that I was happy to see as our lives get beyond busy at times and there are times we don't talk that much because of it.  With both of us having a ton of energy, I felt like we were energizer bunnies that would not shut up!
~The energy.  Wow.  We had tons of it.  I did start to miss sweating, even though week 3 of yoga in the program 3 week yoga retreat is no joke, I love a hard workout.  Thankfully I was able to bust out a sweat after the program was over :)

The results.....DRUM ROLL PLEASE!
I was truly amazed from the inside out and was almost in tears when I realized the transformation I had.

*I lost 11 pounds in 21 days
*I lost 15 inches total around my body.  (yeah, my jeans feel pretty damn good! And my shorts for vacation next week will be just perfect!)  Amanda saying "OMG where did your ass go?" just makes me laugh!
*The biggest inches lost were 3.5 off my hips 
*Also included in that total was 3 inches off the biggest part of each of my thighs.
*Lastly, 2 inches around my belly.

Honestly I could not feel any better about this transformation.  This program truly set me on a path that I am super excited for.  Amanda and I are slowly transitioning into a healthy eating style still but increasing the calories to match our workout program now.  It will be really interesting to start introducing foods back into our meal plan and see how our bodies react!  I am sure there is more to come :)  If you are ever interested in trying this program, you can always email me at or find me on Facebook at Lynn Gugliuzza.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Ultimate Reset Week 2 Update

I will admit that the 2nd week really flew by.  A HUGE improvement we made was how we did meal prep.  We would plan the week by prepping for a few days and and writing post in notes on the days that we had to buy fresh groceries along with what meals we had to prepare for the following couple days.  This saved us a lot of stress during the week and a lot of money on not wasting food.  Especially that we are eating fresh fruit every morning, things just need to be fresh!

Another food prep tip is buying a big tub of lettuce (spring mix...whatever) and put the salad toppings in mason jars so you can just grab and go throughout the week.

So the meals...

Still YUMMY!!  Some favorites are posted below so you can get a taste of what it all looks like and to PROVE it is NOT a starvation cleanse by any means.  It still is A LOT of food :)

Results are I am now down 8 pounds and staying strong through week 3!  I really thought I would be bitchy without caffeine and without alcohol but surprisingly I am just so happy and mentally thinking clearly!  I have found strength that I did not know I had through the yoga in the morning (ummmm Warrior 3...hello!) It is challenging and helping me build muscles I swear I have never worked before.  My balance has improved significantly, especially given that I have a week right glute. Yoga has also helped with my neck flexibility as when I sleep on my stomach sometimes, my head always had to be to one side.  Now I can face my head left or right without pain!

One HUGE physically result that I could not be happier about (especially since I will be on a beach in 10 days) is that my acne on my face and even more so on my back has cleared up!  Seriously I never have seen my back like this...even Amanda noticed and was so amazed. (and super excited for me :) )  

So...last week and I can't help but say this has only made Amanda and I closer and stronger together by sharing this journey!

Edamame and Roasted Corn Succotash with Lemon Kale
Garlic Veggies
Fresh Fruit Bowl

Mediterranean Beets with Coconut Collard Greens
(SHOCKED I liked the Collard Greens but WOW!)

Quinoa Lentil Pilaf

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Week 1 Ultimate Reset Recap

First and foremost...I LOVE THE FOOD!!  And honestly this surprises me because my fiance wanted to do the vegan version for all 3 weeks.  yeah...3 weeks of going cold turkey (no pun intended) to be a vegan.

Secondly...HOW I FEEL!!
Heading into week 2:
I am down 9 inches
I am down 4 pounds
Almost 2 inches off each leg!
1 1/2 inches off my hips!
I feel happier
I feel more energetic
My road rage has gone down significantly
I am not relying upon caffeine
I am not bloated

Foods I HATED before, I actually liked this time...

For instance:
Tempeh-  thought it was nasty before but I love the texture and love the taste.  It is all about that

Vegan strawberry shakeology- I disliked the taste, the texture...I just wanted my regular shakeology back!  But within 2 days I was enjoying this and embracing it!

Miso Soup- Still not my favorite but I can absolutely enjoy a serving of it.

Zucchini- Cashew Soup- It's all about those spices!  I add some spices to this one and BOOM it is just delicious!

About how I feel..there is a lot of food so after a meal, you feel full.  Unlike what the stereotypical cleanse is like, this one is so damn filling. It legit takes like a half hour to eat each meal because there is a lot of chewing. I have been trying to follow the beachbody tips to chug water before, but not during your meal.  They want you to fully embrace the food, taste it, chew it a lot so that you do not need the water.  I am loving this :)

Breakfast BY FAR has been my favorite!  Farina (aka like cream of wheat) with maple syrup, walnuts and green apple pieces is something I will absolutely make on a more regular basis once this is done.  Hell, I will even have it for lunch or dinner!  Two other breakfast options that were yummy and filling were Coconut Quinoa, and Oatmeal Tropical.  I felt like I was living on a beach!

So let's talk about the hardest part of it all for me personally.  It has not been cravings, not feeling like I am missing out on a social life, not any temptations, not feeling starving, not missing caffeine (well besides my preworkout energize but that is simply the fact I LOVE the taste!) , not missing alcohol...It has simply been traveling for 4 days and having to pack food/eat out and have people surrounding me understand I was serious about this cleanse.  It was not easy to explain to people but surprisingly people were supportive, including the servers at restaurants who were so accommodating to my needs.  I am always scared to customize a meal but they were super nice about it!

Lastly, the yoga.  The yoga that I hate.  Well, it has helped my body heal and honestly I feel great and relaxed.  Some mornings are hard because I feel like it makes me want to go back to sleep.  Day 3 and 4, my hips were sore and were hurting me but that did not last long.  Plenty of water and sticking to the meal plan and yoga got me through. Unlike before the cleanse, my body is not always in pain, it is not cracking, and instead I go to bed and get a sound night of sleep!  Everyone's body is different but it is important to just listen to yours.

1 thing to definitely improve upon is meal prepping in stages...Sunday, Wednesday, Friday...that way food does not go to waste!  BRING IT ON WEEK 2!!!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Core De Force

Ever since I did the workout program, COMBAT, I have been waiting for another BAD ASS program like it.  HERE IT IS!!  Core De Force is the new program being released on Halloween this year (aka Oct 31) and I am super excited for it!  I was so excited to have met one of the two trainers, Joel Freeman, in the airport coming home from Beachbody's coach summit this past year.  Needless to say, after the sneak peek workout I did and then meeting him, I was hooked.  Joel and Jericho McMatthews are two badasses that truly know how to motivate you throughout the workouts.  It is an MMA style workout that works the entire body, with the bonus of focusing on the core!

  • 30 Day Program
  • Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) inspired program, focused on the core
  • No equipment
  • No need to be an MMA master, they teach you the moves as you go!
  • Workouts are broken down to 3 minute rounds, like a real boxing match.  
  • Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay-Thai moved are all incorporated
  • NOT choreographed (something I did not like about the old combat workout)
  • For ALL fitness levels!

After 30 minutes I was DRENCHED in sweat!


Seriously, this workout is for everyone!!  I love this type of stuff and particularly like that it does not go to a beat.  People like my fiance who the punching and kicking does not come as natural, she still KICKED ass in this workout as the trainers really do a great job teaching you along the way.  We both felt very comfortable through the 30 minutes and clearly got a damn good sweat going.  
There is also an option to follow the modifier so you can take down the intensity level but still get as good of a workout.  So important to have this so again, all fitness levels can do this!  And no equipment...SO AWESOME!!

  • 30 day program
  • 30-45 minute workouts
  • 6 days of workouts, 1 day stretching  (total of 8 workout routines)


The Core De Force challenge pack will officially go on sale October 31st, 2016 for customers of Beachbody coaches only. Challenge packs include a month of shakeology PLUS the program...TONS of savings! If you do not currently have a coach that you work with you can sign up with me to get the program.  I will be doing this program right alongside of you so we can support each other and motivate each other through it all.  I want to do whatever I can to help you get results and living a healthier life! To make me your coach follow this link to create a free Beachbody account 

Starting on Nov 7th, I will be hosting an accountability group to offer support and guidance throughout the program. Find me on Facebook or Email me to get into the exclusive group!

YUP, I want these abs!!


Best savings will be the challenge pack---$140 for a 30 day bag of shakeology and the program.  It will come with the nutrition guide, program manual, ME as your coach, plus the accountability group.  It truly makes all the difference being in these groups...the support is priceless.  I never found results until I entered my 1st challenge group because I had people holding me accountable every day and motivating me.  That is my job as your keep you on track to meet you health and fitness goals!

What is Core De Force, MMA inspired workouts, Mixed Martial Arts, total body transformation, les mills pump, shakeology,core workout, before and afters
Message me today on Facebook or email me at to get information on the challenge pack and get in on the exclusive accountability/support group as we CRUSH this program together!!

Monday, October 17, 2016

Day 1- Ultimate Reset

So many things that I have realized today...
1. I chew gum A LOT after meals to get a minty taste and when doing work to deal with stress.  Without it, I focus more on drinking water.  I will also be brushing my teeth more because of this!
Coconut Quinoa for bfast...paradise!

2. SO many posts on Instagram are about food...definitely will not be scrolling a lot in the next 21 days!

3. There are a lot of radio commercials for food.  Because I do not have cable, thankfully I do not have that temptation, but seriously talking about it on the radio...come on!

4. Staff members at my soccer job may not be in support but I am still going to KICK ASS anyways!

So how do I feel?
Honestly I felt great today and I am not just sugar coating it.  I was ok without my morning coffee, I enjoyed the yoga (even though I prefer sweating my ass off with a hard workout), the food was delicious, and drinking that much water was not bad at all.  (Oh and it has to be distilled clearly we had to stock up!)

I was much more aware of when I was eating to chew my food, enjoy it, and taste all of it. The book says to drink water before and after the meal, not during it, so I did just that. I will say I did miss my little pre workout energize drink from beachbody performance line but I will just have to live without it.  Like I said before, I missed chewing gum but I know this is a habit that needs to get better.
This meal took me forever to finish!

The meals...
LOTS OF FOOD!!  Seriously I know it is called a cleanse but DAMN it is a lot to chew.  I am following the vegan track for all 3 weeks, more so because Amanda wanted to and it is easier to meal prep for both of us, but surprisingly the food was yummy today!  Breakfast was a coconut quinoa (YES I WILL MAKE THIS EVEN AFTER THE CLEANSE IS OVER IT IS SO GOOD!)  Then it was a microgreen salad with creamy garlic dressing and toasted pumpkin seeds plus miso soup. Snack was a strawberry vegan shakeology.  And for dinner was asparagus, baby potatoes, and tempeh.  Tempeh...oh is an acquired taste that is all about the marinade.

Measurements/Tracking Progress
I took all of my measurements and weight today so that I can track my progress and see how my body changes over the course of the next 21 days.  It is about the changes physically and mentally that will make it all worth it!

Looking forward to what day 2 and the rest of week 1 brings!!

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Why am I doing the Ultimate Reset?

I've felt like I'm at a standstill in my journey so I'm actually going to take a BOLD step and do something about it. 

It's not about going harder with workouts. It's not about being more strict about what I eat. It's not for the weight loss. 

It is to wake up and feel refreshed. To not feel the need for coffee. To not rely upon just my shakeology for energy. To not feel bloated. To allow my face to clear up. To feel happy all the time. 

Phase 1 (aka week 1) I will be reclaiming my health. Breaking bad habits, and preparing my body for change. I will slowly eliminate animal products and dairy products. 

Phase 2 I will be releasing negativity from the inside out. I will be eating a vegetarian diet along with continuing with some supplements introduced in phase 1. 

Phase 3 I will restore my body to maximum efficiency. I will further cut back on grains but my body will fully absorb all nutrients I put in based on the previous 2 weeks of progress. 

I truly am excited to have this experience. Yoga plus the ultimate reset will surely do wonders😊 And DAMN am I happy to be doing this with a few other coaches and challengers!! The more support the better! 

Friday, September 30, 2016

Butternut Squash Bisque

Cut butternut squash in half, take seeds out, and put face down in a baking dish.  Add 1/2 inch of water, cover in foil and bake on 400 degrees for about 40-50 minutes (until soft)

While that is baking...

Saute 1 yellow onion for several minutes, in 1 tsp olive oil.  Then add in 1 chopped green apple with skin on (I used a golden delicious but you can use granny smith as well). Add salt, pepper, garlic powder.  If you want a kick, add some cayenne too!  Cook until soften.  I added a few tablespoons of water and let it cook down some more to increase the flavor!

Take out the flesh of the butternut squash and put in blender along with the apple/onion mixture.  Add more salt, pepper, cayenne, garlic powder to taste.  Blend together, adding a bit of water to smooth it out as needed.  You can add a dash of maple syrup if you wish to cut the heat of the cayenne.  Add a dollop of greek yogurt if you wish.


Monday, September 26, 2016

Pumpkin Bites

8 dates
1 cup pumpkin
1/2 cup peanut butter
1 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp nutmeg
1/4 cup syrup
1/4 cup honey

1/3 cup dark chocolate chips
1/3 cup walnuts, then crushed
1/3 cup pumpkin seeds
1 1/2 cup oats

1. Put dates in a blender and blend until smooth.
2. Add pumpkin, peanut butter, cinnamon, nutmeg, syrup and honey.  Blend until all combined.
3. Add chocolate chips, walnuts, pumpkin seeds and oats.  Stir by hand.
4. Measure out with a cookie scoop onto a foil lined cookie sheet. Place in freezer and enjoy once they are hardened!

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Taking August by Storm

I slipped back into old habits. 
I was going to the gym for about an hour and a half every day.
I was not planning a specific meal plan.
I would only randomly do a Beachbody workout.

What happened because of all this?  NO Results. NO Progress.

That ends tomorrow.  I am committing to the home workout program 22 minute hard corps.  I am committing to my meal plan I have come up with for the week.  There are NO EXCUSES.  If you want something, you have to go out and attack it.  Take charge and don’t look back.

I will be following the 21 day fix meal plan containers and it is posted on my blog here:

I have had DAMN good results with this program before and look forward to don’t it again.  Come join me.  Shoot me a message!
Food for 1 day (plus a shake with 1/2 banana and flax)

Meal Plan