Monday, November 23, 2015

Pre-Marathon Training

The official training has not begun yet but the days leading up to meeting my team are filled with excitement!  I have been continuing to run several times a week, one long run included in that just so my body is not in complete shock once the training begins! I am continuing my weight training with the home workout program Body Beast so that I continue to strengthen my muscles to prepare for what is to come!  Healthy eating is still in full effect and wow has it really been making a difference. Not sure what happened but my mindset has completely changed since entering the race.  I see food as fuel for my workouts, not to satisfy cravings. Am I perfect?  Not by any means.  But it sure is a hell of a lot better than it has been and I can see the benefits from it and feel the benefits!

From the first day I found out I was accepted onto the American Red Cross team till my most recent run in Boston, the weather sure has made the shift into the fall season.  Some research had to be done as well as drilling some friends who have run the marathon in the past about what I need for the winter training months.  New running attire had to be purchased since in the past, I have been only a seasonal runner (spring and summer that is!)
I am trying to slowly teach my body what a new "cold" really is.  50 problem!  40 degrees...easy!  Now as the winter season approaches us, 40 and under will have to slowly become the "this is easy and not even cold mindset!"

December 2nd is when I finally get to meet the team, get the official training schedule and get after it!!  With less than 5 months until race day, the butterflies in my stomach will probably continue through race day.

Stay tuned with how team night goes and the start of training!!

Want to donate?  Any amount helps TREMENDOUSLY to reach my goal of $7,000 for Team Red Cross!!

Monday, November 9, 2015


Hands up if you love Thanksgiving!! Especially this year with the exciting news that I have been offered a spot on the American Red Cross Boston Marathon 2016 team…I WILL RUN FOR FOOD!! I am honored to be part of this team and would love your support in helping me raise $7,000 for such an amazing organization!!  (Thank you in advance!)

So…back to Thanksgiving…Yes the food is amazing, but what I cherish most is the time spent with family and the memories made. With the craziness of the holiday season, we can sometimes put our health on the back burner.  Little by little we over indulge, skip workouts, have huge portions, and end up feeling like crap leading into the new year which only forces us to make yet another New Year’s Resolution of “get in shape.” So I wanted to share some tips I have learned in recent years to avoid that, but first let's hear the promotions and sales happening this month! 

Once again we have both the 
21 Day Fix and the Fix Extreme challenge packs on sale. Love shakeology and know someone who wants the 21 day fix for Christmas? One of these would be perfect for you! 

This month we also have the
Cize Challenge Pack with Shakeology and the 21 Day Fix Containers on sale! All of these are $140 for the month of November!

Aside from those the
Cize Kickstart Challenge Pack as well as the 21 Day Fix and Fix Extreme Kickstart Challenge Packs will be on sale. With these packages you get a month supply of shakeology, the fitness program, containers, and the 3 Day Refresh Cleanse which might come in handy after Thanksgiving! $180!

Now for the good stuff, here are my top tips to have a happy, healthy, Thanksgiving.

1. Eat Breakfast! Start Thanksgiving day off with a veggie egg white omelette or a bowl of oatmeal! Saving up calories for the big feast does not work. You end up 'spending' a lot more and overindulging because you are so hungry. Or have your shakeology to kick off the day in the best way possible with all the nutrients you need!

2. Pitch In! Offer to bring a healthy version of a dish to the dinner you are attending. Sweet potatoes are always a good one. Many times they are loaded with sugar so here is a healthy version!

3. Divide your plate! Fill your plate half with veggies, one quarter with white turkey meat, and the rest with a healthy starch such as corn or sweet potatoes. 

4. Start the day with physical activity! Just because it is a holiday doesn't mean that you need to skip your workout. If you can't get your workout in take a walk with the family when you are finished eating. 

5. KEEP YOUR GOALS IN MIND! Before heading to your Thanksgiving feast take a few moments to really focus and think about yourself and your goals. Remind yourself of your ultimate vision: a healthier, leaner, happier you! Most importantly have fun with the people you love! 

I will be hosting a challenge group to keep you on tract during the holidays starting on November 16th as well as a 3 Day Refresh Cleanse challenge starting on November 30th. If you are interested in joining either of these let me know! 

I hope you all have an amazing November and holiday! 

Your Coach,