Sunday, May 3, 2015

Conquering the month of MAY!

Have to start of the month of May on the right foot and get meal planning going.  I have the tendency to fall off the wagon when I do not have a plan.  I somewhat plan meals, somewhat keep track of what I need to eat as far as how many proteins, veggies, carbs..etc.  But usually do not stay on track because I am literally just grabbing anything I have and getting on with my day.

Starting off this month right with a MEAL PLAN!!  

For those who have not done the 21 day fix (beachbody workout and nutrition program)...

I can not say it enough because it just makes meal planning so so easy!  As you can see above I have highlighted my colors in how many types of food in each category.  Now I may tweak it here and there to add additional calories, if needed, from doing some days of double workouts.  But other than that, meal planning REALLY helps planning the grocery list so that I do not over buy food and end up wasting.  I will be integrating a hybrid workout program of insanity max 30 / 21 day fix extreme / and running.  

Time to conquer the month of May!!  

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