Monday, February 23, 2015

21 Day Fix Extreme Update

Officially made it to Day 9!!! It is amazing because I truly thought I would have caved in by now and cheating with some nachos, pizza, muffins...anything.  Plus sticking to the meal plan while being on vacation for a few days was an achievement. And personally, me going 9 days without frozen yogurt is UNBELIEVABLE!!!

Funny part is though, when you are eating healthy, working out, and in a routine holding each other accountable, it doesn't seem that hard at all.  Your cravings go away, thanks to shakeology too, and you don't think about the junk food.  I really do not miss it...OK I MISS THE FRO YO!  But on the days I can have 2 fruit servings, I blend up frozen strawberries and banana and that is my make shift fro yo.  SO good!

How are the workouts??

Well, I have to admit after going through insanity max 30, I thought they would be a breeze.  Boy was I wrong.  Autumn pushes you with utilizing the weights and giving minimal breaks.  I feel like the second I have a sip of water, we are already going again.  I like this because it keeps your mind focused on the exercises and not on the soreness you are beginning to feel.

How is the meal plan?  

My girlfriend and I have stuck to it!  Is it hard?  YES.  And I say yes because it seems like we spend a lot of time in the kitchen.  But comparing week 1 meal prep to week 2, we are speeding up the process.  Make several servings of each dish, use teamwork in the kitchen, have one person chopping while the other is using the stove...little ways to make it go by faster.  And come the end of meal prep, our fridge is full of tupperware containers ready to go!!

How are the recipes?

Tried Autumns Vegetable egg cups which are to die for and great to take on the go.  And we tried the turkey chili. With how cold it has been in New England, this was the perfect dinner to warm us up.
This week Chicken Fajitas and Turkey Meatballs, and Hearty Beef and Butternut Squash Stew are going to be tried from the 21 Day Fix Extreme book!!  Can not wait!

How are the results?

So far we have not taken inches but I can tell that I have a bit more room in my jeans which is never a bad thing!  On the scale we have dropped a few pounds, but ultimately the goal is to feel better, and feel healthier.  My skin has cleared up just by e

ating healthier and getting enough water / sleep in my life.  It is awesome to see that fueling your body does to you on the inside and out.  Less cover up is always a goal! haha

So heading into week 2, here is our meal plan!  It will be hard again towards the end of the week since we will be traveling for work, but again holding each other accountable will get us through!

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