Monday, February 16, 2015

21 Day Fix EXTREME Begins!

Sunday Feb 15th started my journey on the 21 day fix extreme program!  I am going through the program with my girlfriend so it will be awesome to hold each other accountable.  Having just went through insanity max 30, I am excited to incorporate weights back into my workout routine!
Here is what the program looks like: WATCH HERE!

I am committed for 21 days to:
-Follow the Countdown to competition meal plan
-Not drink alcohol
-Follow the workout plan every day
-Push myself to a new fitness level

So far we have done Plyo Extreme and Upper body extreme.
My legs were shaking within the first few minutes of the Plyo workout and I found myself swearing at trainer Autumn quite often!  It felt really good to get a different type of workout in, plus jumping with weights is always a bit harder than it seems!

Upper body extreme...let's just say washing my hair in the shower afterwards proved to be difficult. I immediately felt sore in a good way, but wow I am not looking forward to tomorrow!

I will admit I miss my fruits because of my sweet tooth, but my chocolate shakeology has helped me survive during the two days of the countdown to competition meal plan.  Tomorrow seems like I am going to be in heaven, being allowed back my 2 fruit servings and 1 more carb!!

But the countdown to competition meal plan is good so far.  I feel so full off of the nutritious foods and actually find it hard to eat all of the food planned in one day.

It is easy to follow because color coded portion controlled containers are provided for you!!

Being the first week of the program, it will be the hardest.  With that being said, I am traveling for 3 days, which will be a true test of my commitment.  I have my meal plan set and will be grocery shopping, doing food prep, and packing all my food while away.  I am going to do my best to workout and kick ass even while away from my accountability partner!! Meal plan is below for those who are interested in seeing what it is all about!  I am sure we will get a lot more creative in our meal planning but since I will be away, keeping it simple will get me through!  Trying two of the Fix Extreme recipes this week which I am excited for...Turkey Chili and a Veggie Egg Cup!

I will be writing about our journey on my Like Page...

Anyone interested in trying the 21 Day Fix or 21 Day Fix me.  I highly recommend it as it totally changes your outlook on eating.  Food is Fuel NOT only for pleasure!

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