Monday, November 24, 2014


HOLY S*IT!!  Holiday Sale by Beachbody announced today!!  Starts tomorrow…exact time not announced but these sales run out almost instantly!!  Estimated 8pm EST but it could be earlier!!

Turbo Fire:  If you like dancing around your living room (and yes I admit I do sometimes!) then this is a fun program to get.  I have not done this program from start to finish but the workouts I have done were a lot of fun! DISCOUNT 50%...$39.95 CLICK HERE

Combat: Twisting, Turning, Punching, Kicking…this is AWESOME!!  I loved this program.  You are having a blast and working your core like crazy without knowing it. DISCOUNT 60%...$23.95 (with free weighted gloves!) CLICK HERE

Insanity the Asylum: If you have done Insanity, you must take this next step!  I loved this program because it related the workouts to sports!  Shaun T really pushes you to the limit! DISCOUNT 38%...$56 CLICK HERE

P90x2: Sports Specific movements and training.  I have not done this program, but I will be purchasing it myself.  With the help of athletic trainers, this program was designed to use multiple muscle groups in every movement to maximize results. DISCOUNT 58% plus Free $60 gift… $49.95  CLICK HERE

P90x3: 30 minute workouts with the hilarious Tony Horton. He has done his research and shortened the workouts because hey…we all have other things to do, especially this time of year!  This has to be one of my favorite beachbody workouts.DISCOUNT is FREE $60 gift…$119.85 CLICK HERE

Lots of other stuff on sale too but these are the fitness programs that I really support and love as a coach and as a customer of beachbody!!  Contact me with any questions! 

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