Monday, October 20, 2014

3 day Refresh Results!

Honestly I am head over heels in LOVE with this program. In 3 days I have become so much HAPPIER, looked forward to every morning, and felt so good and ENERGIZED! I ate poorly while over the long, nachos (yes these are my favorite!) was all tasty but left me sluggish and feeling not so toned anymore. The 3 day refresh is a RESET button! 

1 Shakeology a day
2 Vanilla Shakes
2 veggies
2 Fruits
2 Healthy fats
and a several choices for a dinner option is so easy to stick to and the benefits are truly amazing :). A light workout program can also go along with this program which for me personally I need to get out my energy and stress! 
Excited to say mom is going to try it too! 

I'm now down 6.6 pounds, and 7inches. Could not be happier!

Interested??  Questions?? EMAIL me at or ORDER HERE!

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