Thursday, September 18, 2014

Peanut Butter Banana Cups- NO BAKE!

I love Instagram for the pure reason of seeing recipes, tweaking them, and then trying them out!  This is one that I will for sure hold onto.

2 TBSP coconut oil melted
5 TBSP any nut butter you want
2 TSP pure maple syrup
2 tsp cocoa powder
1 banana sliced (cut them thinner than mine!)

Mix oil, butter, and syrup.  Then pour half of this mixture into a separate bowl and mix in cocoa powder. 

Now you have a "PB" bowl and a "chocolate" bowl.

Place 8 mini muffin cups onto a tray. Pour the chocolate layer into each cup then freeze for 30 minutes

Remove from freezer, place a slice of banana on each and top with the Peanut butter layer. Freeze for another 30-45 minutes.


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