Friday, July 11, 2014

3 Day Refresh Results!!

I was totally off track with eating healthy lately.  I had parties to attend, 4th of July, BBQ's, etc.  I left all of this get in the way of a healthy lifestyle that I love.  I was establishing bad habits and was disappointed for not feeling the best.  I was tired all the time, not sleeping well, clothes didn't fit the same....IT SUCKED!!

I also felt bloated and hated looking in the mirror. I was just not happy and overall knew I could do better!

So I got the 3 Day Refresh, a New program from Beachbody that you watch the video and see more about: CLICK HERE 

For the rest of July, It is only $140!!!...That is over $70 in savings as you get a bag of shakeology, and the 3 day refresh!!  Seriously this is even more the reason why I couldn't pass up this opportunity.

You have 1 Shakeology a day, 2 Vanilla fresh shakes that come with the package, 1 Fiber sweep drink, and some fruits and vegetables along with healthy fats.  Honestly, it really isn't bad at all.  A lot of those Juice cleanses or fasts leave you starving and hating life....I LOVED THIS!!  I did not feel hungry and if I got any urges, I  just had some green tea.  I highly recommend this program.

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So 3 Days later, I FEEL AMAZING!!! Bloating is gone, I am so happy looking in the mirror, I do not have cravings anymore and I am staying on track.  Not distracted by outside, unhealthy foods, do not want pastries which I was getting into a bad habit of, and most of all MY CLOTHES FEEL GOOD ON ME!  I FEEL SEXY, I FEEL FIT.  That is the biggest part :)  And hey, I am back on track and going to CONTINUE losing and toning my body and eating healthy!!

DOWN 4.4 Pounds in 3 days
LOST 6 inches TOTAL
         .5 inches off both arms
         1.5 inches off my chest
         2.5 inches off my hips
         1 inch off each leg
         .5 inches off my butt  (and yes I measure this because I am always doing squats to make this firmer for bikini season haha)

So there it is.  My recap of the 3 Day refresh!  If you want the Challenge pack this month, DO IT NOW!!!!!  CLICK HERE

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