Monday, March 31, 2014

Meal Plan for the week- 21 Day Fix Approved

Last week was a rough mood was off, I was overwhelmed with work, and I failed to plan my meals leaving me reaching for whatever was in sight.  Not to mention all of the wine that was consumed!

So today I got back on track and made my meal plan, went shopping and prepared everything for the week. I got more creative with my meal planning because I flat out was just SICK AND TIRED of salads EVERYDAY for lunch!  And of course had time for my 30 minute workout with Autumn on the 21 Day Fix workout plan! I seriously love this program because even if you fall off the is so easy to get back up again! I am excited to start fresh and be ready to conquer the week!

I have found when I plan everything out for the week, I spend WAYYYYY less money on groceries which means more money in the savings account!....BONUS!! Meal plan below :) 

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