Monday, March 10, 2014

21 Day Fix Results!!

This 21 day experience was pretty amazing.  I learned so so much about myself, my eating habits, how nutrition truly makes the biggest difference in results, and how food is surrounding us in our day to day lives without us even realizing it.

21 day fix, results, 21 day fix results, abs, muscle, beachbodyWeek 2 was a bit of a struggle as I will flat out admit I cheated several times. The media surrounds us with food and I was weak and gave in. But week 3 I was STRONG and DETERMINED as I knew I had a trip to Florida just days away.  I stuck to it, did the 3 day quick fix at the end, did the double workouts and nailed it! It is more about what I learned than my "number" results but at the same time I am so happy with how much toning and how hard the actual workouts are. I thought there was no way a 30 minute workout could kick my ass...WRONG!

Things learned:
  • I used to eat SO MUCH EXTRA food during meal prep
  • I ate too much carbs
  • I used to crave sweets and fruit all the time
  • I would eat too close to bed time
  • I didn't hydrate enough
  • I worked out too much and did not match my efforts in the kitchen
21 day fix, results, 21 day fix results, back, muscle, beachbodyAfter this 21 day fix, I will now take it into round two after a few days away in Florida to get some sun and relaxation time.  I will still hold myself accountable while away by knowing how much of each kind of food to eat, even when I am out to eat. SERIOUSLY those few bites of bad, unhealthy food is NOT WORTH THE GUILT AFTER! I will get my workouts in before hitting up the beach, and you better believe I am taking my shakeology with me!  I already looked up that the hotel had a gym before we booked it...have to sweat it out before putting the bikini on.

So the results.... Lost 7 pounds, 4 inches.  I am told my booty looks a lot smaller but that isn't one of the measurements I took haha so add a couple inches to that total lost! Waist is smaller, I FINALLY lost inches off of my soccer legs, and toned up my back and abs.  Beyond excited!

21 day fix, results, 21 day fix results, abs, arms,  muscle, beachbodyThis program was by far the best way to learn how to eat properly.  It truly SIMPLIFIES NUTRITION, and CHALLENGES YOU IN 30 MINUTE WORKOUTS!! The color coded portion controlled containers were awesome!  If you are thinking about this program, JUST DO IT!

And always ask me if you have any questions about the program!

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