Sunday, February 23, 2014

Week 1 OVER! Heading into Week 2 of 21 Day Fix

Wow did this week go by so fast!  I was prepared for a week of starving and got just the opposite.  The 21 day fix is no are NOT starving, but instead are fueling your body with what it needs.  I was shocked that my body handled it so well.

DOWN 4 pounds so far--have yet to measure inches. But it isn't even about that, it is about how amazing I feel and how much more energy I have!

Things I have learned:

1. You can take the 21 day fix on the road!  I traveled out of state to North Carolina to visit my best friend.  I was scared because I had only been on the fix for 2 days and traveling was definitely a major concern.  Honestly, it was so easy to stay on track.  As long as your meals are packed and you are prepared then there is NO reason not to succeed!

2. WOW did I eat a lot of carbs before the FIX.  I used to eat wayyyyy to many, and crave them all the time.  I was probably over eating carbs because my body was still hungry due to lack of protein in my previous meal plans before the fix.

3. I used to eat fruit too close to bed time.  I will admit...I love my sleep. I have the habit of at least getting 8 hours a night so that I am not cranky.  Before the fix I would eat too close to bed time AND be eating fruit before bed. (Plus I was choosing the fruits highest in grams of sugar!)  All those sugars were bad for my body to break down.


4. 30 minutes of working out is definitely enough!  I LOVE being in the gym for hours.  Not sure if its the people interaction or what but it is fun and enjoyable to me.  But I have A LOT more time to do other things I love AND be caught up on all my work emails.  Plus working out from home is so travel time around crazy Boston. TOTAL BONUS!

Looking into Week 2...

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Meal planning was SO MUCH EASIER and I was SO MUCH MORE CREATIVE in the meals.  So excited for some of the foods this week!!  I may even substitute some healthy pancakes in for a breakfast planned!  And yes, there will be some edits for some "treats" which replace a yellow container in there twice this week because seriously those recipes in the 21 Day fix book are AMAZING!!  Here is the meal plan.

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