Friday, May 17, 2013

Reset is over!!

I am done with the Beachbody Ultimate Reset and it was an incredible experience!!  I definitely encountered some challenges along the way.  I found myself hungry at times and very tempted to cheat.  I absolutely LOVE frozen yogurt and popcorn and it was so so hard to resist for 21 days.  I honestly have to say I still have yet to drink coffee!  I am so shocked by this but I feel I have more energy and do not need to rely upon it.  This was one of my goals of the reset...MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!  Another thing I struggled with was listening to the radio and watching TV without hearing and seeing commercials about food.  Jeeeeezzeeeeee. I did not realize how much we talk about food until on this cleanse and was totally in tune to it.  Even billboards I drove past....everything was about eating!  No wonder why Americans are fighting the trend of obesity!

Mentally I feel strong and clear thoughts are running through my head.  I was holding onto some things in the past and feel that I am at peace.  I was still getting through a death in my family as well and found that I am smiling now in thoughts of my grandfather.  That is how he would want it to be.  Emotionally I feel more in control.  Situations came up where I could have reacted abruptly as I would in the past but instead took a moment to gather my thoughts, analyze, and react in an appropriate manner.

Physically I feel in shape and fantastic.  Minimized crazy irrational cravings too.  I feel that I am not over eating like I used to and I am totally in tune to when I eat.  I focus on chewing slowly, drinking plenty of water, not being distracted by the TV, and noticing the amounts I eat.  My stomach has definitely gotten smaller so I do not have to eat as much. I can already tell my clothes are feeling a bit looser :)

Final measurements are that I LOST 6 inches and LOST 9 pounds!! :)  VERY happy!!

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