Sunday, April 28, 2013

End of week 1 on the Reset

Week one is complete!  I have to say all of the meals were easy to prepare and tasty!  The green drink I am getting used to.  But now as I prepare for the "release" phase in week 2, I add a detox drink as well.  I remember from October when I did the cleanse that it is nooooottttt tasty.  And it is grainy when mixed with water....GROSS!!

Today I did all of the prep work for the next few days.  As I looked at the meal plan for the week some of the meals didn't look good to me so I am going to be replacing them with some of the appropriate approved meals.  Pretty much it looks like fruit everyday for breakfast, a salad every day for lunch (with nuts, dressings of course) sometimes with avocado or quinoa.  Snack I will either do a green apple and 12 almonds OR half of a vegan chocolate shakeology. Dinner is different every night and the plan looks pretty good.

I did find myself completely exhausted tonight after all of the prep.  When I looked in my fridge I had to laugh a little because I completely took it over fridge from my roommate :)  Hope she doesn't mind!

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