Saturday, April 27, 2013

Day 4 and 5 Reset

Week is going well so far.  I have definitely been noticing though that I am freezing after I eat.  Must be my body breaking everything down.  I find myself drinking a lot of hot water and lemon (with a little agave sometimes) to keep warm after a meal.  Which is fine by me because it is hydrating me!  It just is funny because it is actually warm finally for spring weather and I am sitting hear drinking hot liquids! 

I am shocked to say that I do not miss my coffee.  Although I usually have it with my shake, using water to make my shakes instead has been tasting good too.  I may continue this after the rest...who knows!  It is nice knowing I do not have to rely upon coffee! :)

So the food from the past two days:
Day 4: fresh fruit plate with yogurt, microgreen salad, shake, stir fried veggies with cucumber and tomato salad with quinoa

Day 5: shake, quinoa salad and 1/2 cup hummus with raw veggies, stir fried veggies with quinoa and sweet potato

Still loving the food and find it very filling!

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