Monday, April 22, 2013

Beachbody Ultimate Reset

Today starts my journey of experiencing the Beachbody Ultimate Reset for the second time.  I last did it in the month of October and absolutely loved the process, the food, and the changes in my mind and body.  It is 21 days of cleansing your body of all the toxins.  You follow the meal plan provided, making small substitutes if necessary, you focus on getting proper amount of sleep, plenty of water, take all the supplements provided (which I am going to be honest, some look pretty nasty! haha) , and are completely in tune to what your mind and body are feeling.  Sounds EXHAUSTING!!!....I KNOW!  But it is totally worth it!!  And for anyone who has cravings often, drinks coffee everyday, or chews gum frequently...YOU CAN NOT HAVE IT!! Haha  And for anyone that knows me, knows that this is something hard to get me to do.  I always make my Shakeology in the morning with a cup of cold coffee and often I am chewing gum, especially when I am out coaching soccer. I am excited to experience this all again, and see what the results are like!  You can follow me over the next 21 days to see what it is like!

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