Wednesday, April 24, 2013

3rd Day on the Reset

Today I started to feel awesome!!  I don't know what it was but I was so positive and felt lighter, felt like my body was handling the supplements well (yes even the gross green shit!) and the food was delicious again.  I didn't expect to enjoy the lentil lime salad that was part of the lunch menu today but surprisingly it was refreshing on the hot day.  The sweet potato that was part of dinner was oh so good.  I missed sweet potatoes as normally I have them at least every other day.  The taste, the texture of them is so good!!  One of my favorites too is making mashed sweet potatoes or baked sweet potato fries! YUMMY!!  
Ok sorry, got sidetracked!  So breakfast was steamed spinach, eggs, toast and I had hot water with lemon in it.  Lunch was a microgreen salad with toasted pumpkin seeds, and the lentil lime salad.  Lunch was quinoa, sweet potato, and black beans and rice.  This was almost too filling so I am happy this was the only meal like this! 
As I am ready for bed, I can not wait to have breakfast tomorrow as it is a fresh fruit plate, with I think some yogurt (have to check on that though as now I forget!) 

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